Microblading is a treatment where pigment is deposited into the epidermis of the eyebrow. Small incisions are created using a very precise blade. A numbing cream is applied to the eyebrow area prior to treatment. Pigment is then deposited into the incisions, creating a natural hair like effect. Diana’s approach with this technique is to create the most natural looking brow.


Consultations are required for all microblading appointments, as not everyone is a candidate. Diana may request an initial grow out process prior to your microblading appointment.

I was absolutely delighted with my brows. Diana is so incredibly professional and so very precise with her work, taking time to discuss what I wanted and what would work best with my brows. She advocates a really natural look, which is what I was after and the results were amazing. The procedure was painless and Diana’s aftercare and advice was perfect and very easy to follow. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in microblading and would definitely go back and see her in the future for more treatments. Thank you for an amazing set of brows, which I love!
— Chrissy, London


It’s best not to have previously tattooed or microbladed brows. Clients may want to consider a removal treatment prior.

Please read below as these are reasons to avoid microblading:

  • If you have any serious health issues

  • If you have problems healing or have to take antibiotics for small procedures

  • If you are currently using Roaccutane

  • Other conditions - if you are pregnant, nursing, have haemophilia, a heart condition, it is not recommended that you have microblading as this puts you in a high risk position.


  • Avoid using Retinol/Retin-A/AHA products 10 days prior to your appointment

  • Avoid botox 30 days before and after your appointment

  • Avoid chemical peels, laser facials/resurfacing 30 days before and after your appointment

  • No Roaccutane within 6 months of your appointment

  • Avoid consuming caffeine before your appointment

  • Avoid taking aspirin before your appointment

  • No blood thinners

  • No steroids

  • Avoid vitamin E, fish oil, and alcohol 24 hours before your appointment (these will cause your blood to thin and make it harder for pigment to stay in the skin)


Immediately after the procedure your brows will appear bold and crisp. Over the next 3 days they will become darker, bolder, and more defined. This is all part of the healing process and they won't stay this way. The true healing time is 14 days.

Be sure to keep your brows protected, apply balm that has been provided along with your SPF during the day.

During the healing period you must avoid the following:

  • Do not apply cosmetics in the brow area for two weeks

  • Do not pick at any scabs that form on the brow, picking can cause pre-mature loss of pigment

  • Do not exercise for at least one week, and second week only light exercise

  • Do not go swimming or soak your brows

  • Avoid sweating or going in any saunas